About us

Click Play Résumé was founded in Madison, Wisconsin, with one goal in mind: getting people hired. Beyond a simple mock interview on video, we want to help you show your special talents off to the world! Are you amazing at juggling? Do you create something? Perfect! Let’s show that to the hiring manager, that’ll be sure to leave a memorable impression in addition to your traditional résumé.

Video résumés aren’t all fun and games though. They’re a chance to put your best foot forward and they’re an excellent tool for evaluating your interview performance. If you’re struggling to answer some mock questions on your pre-interview video then it may be worth your time to practice some more in that area (and we can help with that!)

Once you’ve seen yourself on video you’ll have an unbiased view of your presentation. Don’t worry, no one is judging. We’re simply taking a baseline of your performance and helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. We can shoot the video in as many takes as needed, and you’ll become a better interviewee in the process.

Packages start at just $20 and go all the way to $300 for more in depth interviews and video résumés. We also offer animated video résumés if you’ve a reason to prefer them.


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