Why A Video Resume Will Get You That Job

Times have changed. Getting hired for that dream job takes a lot of work. Not only are you competing with a number of other equally qualified candidates, you need to stand out from the crowd. A video resume gives you that competitive edge.

Here’s why:

1 – It’s Unique

Remember the advice you got back in high school that said although you lacked the experience, you still had a few things you could use to your advantage? Printing your resume on paper colored anything but white made yours stand out from the pile of paper. Scenting your resume also made it stand out from the rest.

Well, a video resume is the new wave of tricks that can push your application further up the list than an application without one. Plus, recruiters who have stacks of paper resumes to sort through may just skip to your video resume to satisfy their curiosity. Once you have them hooked, you stand a better chance at getting hired.

2 – It’s Visual

Sure, so is a paper resume. It’s a visual snapshot of your employment history, goals and dreams blah-blah-blah in words that has to be read to understand. A video resume is a different kind of visual. It’s like watching a television commercial only it’s you selling yourself to a potential new employer. Different fonts may make parts of your paper resume stand out, but a video resume is completely different.

3 – It’s Personal

Well, you could spill your guts on paper revealing all kinds of deep, dark secrets and other really personal things that may or may not tie you to the job you are applying for. It may be a good attempt at showing some of your personality but it is still just words on paper. It’s a lot like how text messages have no inflection or eye contact.

With a video resume your personality will shine through partway through your opening statement. Try doing that on paper. Your smile, your twinkling eyes, your obvious passion for the things you believe in and all those wonderful extras can exude through in a video. It’s like a Skype conversation only one-sided and a little more formal.

4 – It’s Creative

Remember the creative tricks you used from high school – different colored paper and scented pages? Well, those were creative attempts at making your old school resume stand out and it probably worked a lot better than expected.

A video resume can be even more creative. It’s like how music videos changed the way we listened to music. Your video resume gives you the opportunity to highlight (or show off) those creative juices that have been bottled up inside of you just waiting for a chance to shine.

5 – It’s Manageable

If you are one of those types that gets sweaty palms and the jitters just waiting for your job interview, you are not alone. In fact, most applicants with a pulse suffer from the same issues. While a paper resume does not really assist with this, a video one does.

A video resume is in one way your first interview. The difference here is that you are answering questions and offering details about yourself and your skills in a controlled environment. Your palms will not be sweaty and you won’t accidently blurt out a wrong answer. Sure, it’s still you talking to a camera but to the recruiter you are speaking directly to him or her and that gets your foot in the door.

6 – It’s Informal

There’s nothing wrong with dressing the part to make a good first impression with your initial job interview but your paper resume doesn’t do that. Yes, a well-written, professional looking document will score you some points but a video resume should knock one out of the park for you.

The video resume will be a little more informal in that it will be you casually talking to the camera. Even if you have a suit and tie on, you can get away with wearing sneakers in your video resume provided it’s not full body views being shot. Because the format is more informal you get to relax which helps you let your personality creep into the frame.

7 – It’s Unconventional

That’s probably what someone said about your first resume so many years ago that was printed on pink paper and you attached a lollipop to it as a thank you. Even so, you can bet someone somewhere is still talking about that even though you never made it to the interview stage. A video resume works a lot like that.

The main difference is that since a video resume is unconventional it forces actions. One must go to the effort to insert it into a video machine in order to view it. That alone puts focus on you and your resume. Then, in order to absorb the content one must watch, listen and otherwise pay attention to what is flickering across the screen. This is where you have their complete and undivided attention. Even if there is an interruption a pause button will get you back in their faces after the break. It is a truly unique and unusual way to sell your services to someone and because it is still a fairly new job hunting tactic, your video resume will stand out.

What A Video Resume Is Not

A video resume is not a complete replacement for your standard two or three page paper resume. Instead it is an enhancement of that printed document with the pertinent data that recruiters can refer back to later. Plus, your paper resume gives them a place to scratch down notes about you noted during the viewing of your video resume.

It is also not a long, drawn out movie about your past and all the cool things you’ve done that have brought you to this place. Over thinking your video resume content will not get you rave reviews. However, if done correctly, your short video resume will get you job interviews and a better chance at landing that dream job.

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