Throughout the last 10-years, the world of digital has been channeling the power and the convenience of video in every way possible. Personal and desktop computers, even laptops, have been disappearing from the market as people turn to the convenience of tablets and mobile, making the likes of video, a streaming loop of content with audio and visuals, the preferred form of content for consumption today.

According to MWP, online videos are watched by 55 percent of people daily, meaning that more than half of people in the world right now make time to watch a video online throughout the course of their day.

So what if there was a way to integrate video into the application and interview process?


Interviews are a natural part of any job hiring and management process, as teams and executives want to personally experience an employee before they hire them. However, scheduling interviews, waiting for applicants, and going through the whole process can be a huge time waster for everyone involved.

With Clickplayresume, the platform is bringing interviews to life through a video-interview portal that will be compatible with any B2C or B2B entity in Madison, Wisconsin at this time. Essentially providing a video-resume platform for all who are interested, Clickplayresume is taking the archaic practice of in-person interviewing and adding a digital and engaging depth that will be compatible with any kind of organization.

Share Your Story

Using video adds a creative element to interviewing that will provide each candidate with the ability to really communicate their personality to their employers. Additionally, for those who get nervous by sitting in a room surrounded by strangers, they can focus more on what they have to offer the business through a digital lens. Not everyone is able to shine under the typical pressure that comes with an interview.

Content marketing and digital consumption is all about a story today. You only follow the brands you love because you like the story they have marketed to you. It’s the psychology of human consumption, and the best marketers know how to manipulate storytelling. The number one way they are doing it is through the number one most popular form of content available to us: video. Bring your resume to life with a video-resume, right on the Clickplayresume platform.

The Future is Video

It’s no secret after seeing the fledgling development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality today that the future isn’t with video. It’s engaging, enticing, and compatible with our increasingly busy schedules. Not to mention, it’s creative and imaginative as well.

We believe the future rests with video, which is why we’re introducing a video-interview oriented platform that simply combines videos with interviews. Whether it’s to apply for a job, or to simply share your story with your fellow employees, as well as customers today, consider Clickplayresume for enhancing your brand and shedding light on the untold stories.

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